Thank God It's On Him, Not Us

Martin Luther wrote in his Preface to the New Testament:

The New Testament is a good piece of news, a war-cry. It was echoed throughout the world by the apostles. They proclaimed a true David who had done combat with, and gained the victory over, sin, death, and the devil. In so doing, He had taken all who were enchained by sin, threatened by death, and overpowered by the devil. Though they had merited no rewards, He redeemed them, justified them, gave them life and salvation, and so brought them peace and led them back home to God. For these reasons, they sing thanks and praises to God, and they will ever continue to be happy if they remain firm in faith...

The gospel demands no works to make us holy and to redeem us. Indeed, it condemns such works, and demands only faith in Christ, because He has overcome sin, death, and hell for us. Thus it is not by our own works, but by His work, His passion and death, that He makes us righteous, and gives us life and salvation. This is in order that we might take to ourselves His death and victory as if they were our own...

The New Testament does not form a book of laws, but a proclamation of the good things which Christ has offered us for our own, if only we believe.

Nothing we do in 2017 will give us life, freedom and eternal salvation, only belief that Jesus has done the work for us. Trust in the work of Jesus, not in our own work.

Our resolution for this new year should be to follow the instructions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism:

What is the chief end of man? Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

Stop trying to earn it. He has already done the work for you. Relax. Spend time getting to know God, worship him and enjoy him.